Advanced Training Solution

PowerRound® is an advanced training solution

It'sa groundbreaking leadership, management and organizational development resource that gets to the heart of peak performance®. PowerRound accelerates profitability, reduces risk and turnover, while establishing an engaged culture of compliance. PowerRound's strongest feature is its measurable results—and the ability to directly associate performance improvement to the training.

Recently, two different business associates compared the forerunner characteristics of PowerRound to Apple Computer—after co-founder Steve Jobs returned and introduced extreme innovations. The kind of innovation that required “new ways of thinking.” Before Jobs, people had never seen an iPod, an iPad, or an iPhone. Today, they’re indispensable to modern life. In the same way Apple pushed the status quo, PowerRound offers a unique new product to visionaries, that’s tailored to who you are and what you hope to accomplish.

Advanced Training Solution

PowerRound can either pull you out of the mud or put more fuel in your rocket ship. Either way, participants are more likely to think differently, act on that thinking, and interact with others more skillfully. For instance:

The strongest feature of PowerRound is its results—and the ability to directly associate performance improvement to the training.

Proprietary talent analytics provide objective reporting of actionable performance improvements by person and group. Units of measure are given to qualitative competencies such as cultural alignment, integrity, respect, ingenuity; as well as improvements in collaboration, communication and leadership. Top industries are Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Banking, Technology, Energy, Bio/Pharm, Business/Professional Services, Retail and Not for Profit.

Why is PowerRound so effective?

PowerRound effectiveness

After years of research and testing – PowerRound five unique and interactive elements work together to bring individual and organizational transformation: 1) strategically relevant content, 2) facilitated by a Certified Group Coach 3) in a peer learning environment, 4) followed by action at work, and 5) culminating with virtual coaching and technologically-advanced analytics.

It’s both powerful and simple at the same time. Watch how it works.

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Invest in the heart of your leaders, teams and individuals with PowerRound®. Gain a competitive strategically advantage by transforming your workforce into a service-oriented culture with integrity. See how PowerRound leads to improvements in market share, profits and share value—in a way that rewards everyone.

Every company and industry is unique. Enjoy a professional conversation with founder Bob Benoit about a “new way of thinking.”

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