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Alternative traditional training

Alternative Training Solution

One of the dilemmas that Trainers face is proving the effectiveness of their training. Yet we still train in a didactic style, where “me speaker, you listen.” We try to add a few tricks to help people remember what they learned or a few motivational rewards for good listening. But really, nothing substantial has changed.

The PowerRound training process is different.

First, it starts with weekly one-hour, small group roundtables, which is a very convenient and efficient use of time. The meetings are held in person, virtually, or a combination of both.

Because PowerRound uses close to two dozen transformative training/coach techniques each week, employees retain information, as high as 95%. Why?

As individuals read, discuss, personalize, and self-assess, they feel the emotion behind the teaching. This inspires participants to take ownership of their action plans and hold themselves accountable to carry out their good intentions before the next meeting. There is no judging (as with a 360-degree evaluation); instead, people assess their own thoughts and feelings toward a particular, important subject, and chose to improve.

As a result, individuals learn from the material and from one another. In this type of peer-learning environment, individuals can assimilate skilled techniques from others who have used them to excel in a particular area.

This kind of learning allows management to leverage the talent they already have. For example, if Joe is disciplined with his calendar, and careful with his communication, others can learn from him. Everyone moves closer to excellence because of Joe’s peer teaching. Next week Joe is learning tips from others.

These peer learning environments are facilitated by a Certified PowerRound Group Coach who has learned all the necessary skills needed to facilitate with excellence, in a three-day training and certification process.

This is another PowerRound differentiator. Group coaches inspire authenticity, trust, and social aptitude from each participant—at every roundtable. Because of this, participants learn about one another, which builds empathy, trust and great leadership skills. This is especially helpful in high-stress, high-growth, and other challenging environments where difficult conversations are the norm.

At the end of open discussions, each individual commits in writing to achieve 1-5 actions before the next meeting.

Group coaches provide positive accountability between meetings (usually virtually) as they assist and reinforce each participant’s learning experience. Coaches become a friend, helping participants through the transformation process. While it isn’t easy working on character, coaches are trained in how to add value to other people’s lives and keep them in the game, even when participants grapple with difficult personal growth issues.

As part of the process, and before the next meeting, coaches collect actions forms from participants. These provide written evidence of performance improvements and proof of teaching effectiveness. They are also used to celebrate success at the next meeting; people get excited about personal growth and transformation and are eager to share their stories.

Thus, PowerRound enables individuals to do what they need to do, only in a better way and at a more accelerated pace.

It doesn’t involve extra work, but is a documented way to empower people to go above and beyond ordinary actions, with extraordinary results.

In the past two years, we added another element to help make these teachings “stick.” After a number of roundtable meetings, we hold a recap session. Then we follow up to collect written, personal testimonies of the impact that each teaching—and application—had on people’s lives. We call this a progress summary report.

If you are a trainer, leader or training company interested in making a difference in your company and profession, PowerRound is the resource to take you to the next level.

Everyone can improve in essential qualities and attributes and fill their competency gaps, become more valuable, and be a better person. PowerRound is innovative, motivating, and actionable.

It’s truly transformative. It’s applicable to most corporate cultures. It’s relevant, scalable and can be done virtually anywhere in the world and any time.

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