Challenging times require
innovative training solutions

72% of managers lack skills

Declining culture, trust, reputation

71% of employees are apathetic/disengaged

High turnover, costly lawsuits, hotline overloads

Compliance failures cost companies millions of dollars

What can you do to change these statistics?

PowerRound® innovative training solutions partner with you whether you’re an organizational leader (train the trainer); another training company; or a compliance, ethics, risk, coaching, leadership and talent development, sales, IT or HR consulting firm (resellers) you can become part of a movement to shift the training mindset from one and done training, to true organizational change.

Assessments (optional)—identify culture, compliance, engagement, and conduct risk. What makes our assessments different is that the outcome reveals blind spots and those blind spots can be remediated.

Schedule a free consult to see if our assessments are right for you.

Certified Talent Analytics Professional - For the ultimate professional credential, learn to gather people metrics on intangible qualities and character traits previously thought impossible to measure. Qualitative factors such as integrity, transparency, accountability, commitment, trust, respect, resiliency, listening (and hundreds more) can be measured, even audited. The prerequisite is Certified Group Coach (or other specialty coaches listed above).


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PowerRound® partners with organizational leaders (train the trainer) to deliver transformative results. We also partner with other training companies; associations; and consulting firms.
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