Develop Essential Qualities and

Attributes of Highly Effective People

Characteristics of Highly Effective People

When it comes to attributes of highly effective people, there are three longstanding myths that research has shown to be just that. The trio of misguided theories:

  1. It is not possible to develop essential qualities and character traits in people—the kind that can drive peak performance, improve corporate culture and employee engagement, and reduce risk and turnover. You can only hire people who possess these attributes; they can’t learn them.
  2. It’s impossible to measure improvements in work ethic and such character traits as commitment, follow through, and diligence. Nor can one measure good communication, respect, organizational skills, collaborative teamwork, leadership or integrity.
  3. You can neither predict nor measure the ROI of character training development at the individual level, or improvements at the macro level.

If these ideas describe your outlook, consider this Harvard research report, which lists the qualities and attributes of top salespeople. In this study, 91 percent scored medium or high for modesty and humility, contrary to the stereotype of sales leaders as loud and pushy. They also had high levels of conscientiousness, achievement orientation, and curiosity, and scored low for self-consciousness.

Some business leaders believe that you can only hire people with these attributes. But now, with PowerRound® Resources, you can develop these qualities and competencies in your existing workforce. You can fill the perceived gaps—and it’s all measurable.

After a deep and rich teaching on a particular quality, PowerRound moves individuals to action so they can apply what they learned, at work. You will see improved performance that directly traces back to the training. For instance, Joe closed a $17 million contract with a once-reluctant prospect after learning to listen beyond what was said. He followed through and engaged in difficult dialogue after overcoming rejection. All this with a three-hour investment! And that’s just the first contract. Now Joe can successfully apply these principles to the rest of his life, both professionally and personally.

PowerRound® is a groundbreaking training resource that develops essential qualities and character traits in people. With this kind of training, your personnel are much more likely to achieve peak performance, leading to improved employee engagement and lower risk and turnover.

PowerRound can serve as a stand-alone training system, or it can augment and accelerate other skills-based training.

And everything is measurable, whether that is qualities at the micro level by person, or with key performance indicators and profitability at the macro level.

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