Award Winning Online Courses

Award Winning Online Courses

I am one of those weird people who wants to finish well, raise the bar by working to improve everyone around me. I have learned to understand the value of leadership, teamwork and personal development—not exclusively for myself but also for the benefit of others.

So when I talk about outstanding content, it’s just that, outstanding. It should be condensed to produce an efficient and effective use of time. For instance, I believe if there are two-pages of content, it should be distilled from 20-30 books and research reports, along with real-life experiences of its successful authors (entrepreneurs, academicians, and Fortune 100 executives).

Powerful content should be loaded with inspirational, practical truths and corroborative research that connect each participant’s head, heart, hands and speech. The result, people accomplish what they need to accomplish, only better and more quickly.

Every teaching should address three major qualitative competencies: 1) leadership/following skills, 2) collaborative team interactions, and 3) personal character skills. It should paint a picture to help the learner gain clarity, set priorities, and implement new ideas. For me training is about action, so there should be lists dozens of practical steps participants can implement.

In addition, each lesson should help develop specific foundational competencies that inspire better behavior, habits, attitudes, and motives. In other words, the things on the inside (the heart and mind) that form the way we think, act, and interact. These teachings empower people to see things they didn’t see before, which equips individuals to become more complete, and in every aspect of life.

Here are my recommendations for Top 40 learning, talent and organizational development subjects:

  1. Communicate expectations, establish boundaries and always with respect
  2. Use confrontation when necessary but in a way that builds relationships, rather than destroys it
  3. Begin a successful journey by reconsidering the benefits of giving and receiving criticism
  4. Communicate with humility and watch your sales and management skills soar
  5. Control those emotions and be a disciplined communicator
  6. Resist the urge to react emotionally and impulsively; but respond instead
  7. Use conflict to improve some aspect of how work is done, customers are served or relationships are improved
  8. Identify dominant behavior; how to protect yourself, your teams and the company
  9. Listen to what others are saying from their perspective; with empathy and respect
  10. Make the best use of your time; and you won't let the feeling of busyness trump productivity
  11. Treat your customers as guests and retain more of them by implementing a service culture
  12. Lead by example and gain dependability from those around you
  13. Diligently follow through and complete assignments on time, every time and with excellence
  14. Improve outcomes with plans, goals, and actions
  15. Use facts to gain better understanding and measurable results
  16. Create value in all you do, develop greater excellence and creativity
  17. Reject unhealthy stress. Direct your pressure to build strength like an athlete
  18. Learn how to optimize sales results
  19. Replacing feelings of rejection by practicing resilience
  20. Patiently persist until it’s the right time to act
  21. Predetermine your course of action with a well laid out plan
  22. Resolve means we believe in our cause and our team, we never stop learning or give up
  23. Strengthen follow through and consistency with positive accountability
  24. Establish a reputation of trust, confidence and character
  25. Learn the benefits of ethics in action
  26. Monetize integrity – on time, every time, exactly as promised
  27. Invest in responsibility and gain dependability, reliability and positive accountability
  28. Understand and embrace the spirit of the law with self-governance
  29. Experience the excitement of being on a winning team
  30. Develop better and creative solutions by thinking differently
  31. Be inspirational, instill hope in the people and the mission
  32. Invest in people and get a return on transformation
  33. Align actions with pure motives and gain great, long term reputation
  34. Take the time to better understand people and it’s more likely they’ll meet your needs
  35. Respect your leaders, your co-workers, your customers and yourself…and see what happens
  36. Leverage your successes for the benefit of others and the company
  37. Establish a culture of transparency, ethics and respect by speaking frankly
  38. No other single aspect of managerial behavior was found to have as significant an impact on profits than strength of character
  39. Cultivate ingenuity and improve financial and competitive breakthrough
  40. Dare to believe for more; see yourself, your team, and the mission accomplished

These lessons go deep and are internalized, so their impact is thorough and more permanent.

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