Become a Certified Group Coach

Become a Certified Group Coach

As a trainer (and public speaker), I sometimes struggle to determine whether my talks are making an impact. Despite audiences’ wide-eyed looks and smiling faces, I wonder: “Is this making a difference? Am I reaching beyond head knowledge and activating hearts?”

Some of these musings subsided after I discovered the “roundtable.” This combination of quality material and a reflective learning process revolutionized my world.

"Today as a Certified Group Coach, I see the impact that I (and the content) am making on the life of each person in the roundtable."

The underpinning of the roundtable is group coaching. Each week, in a safe environment, coaches lead small group discussions of quality content about a series of business principles. It includes at-work application, meaning lessons are immediate and verifiable.

Today, as a Certified Group Coach, I get to see the impact that I (and the content) am making. I see the “aha” moments when people learn something new, or recognize something they should be doing. I get to hear the impact as they describe how the teaching affects them.

Because the content is hard hitting and exposes blind spots—yet in a non-judgmental way—I can also discern others’ heart on a subject. When they state their intentions, I hear the ownership of those changes in their voice.

I also get to help them work on improvements between meetings. After all, it’s one thing for people to say they will improve and another to actually do it.

"People analytics are measurable with strict guidelines on improving unique industry or professional desired outcomes."

Not only is this a great way to leverage talent, I learn a lot in the process. And, I share in their joys when they report back to the group a week later. It’s amazing how a one-hour investment, followed by practical action, can make such a massive impact.

I love public speaking and training, but I love group coaching even more. It’s transformational. It’s lasting.

One more thing, results are measurable with strict guidelines. For instance, a PowerRound® Group Coach believes that individuals only get an increase in Core Competency by learning, personalizing it, discussing its application, committing to act and then ACTING on it. That’s what a Group Coach includes in his/her report.


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