Case Study: Manufacturing Company

The Challenge

A publicly traded manufacturing company (MCO) needed to meet the Ethics and Compliance requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

The Solution

A PowerRound Partner interviewed MCO’s Chief Financial Officer to determine if there were any other needs he would like to achieve in the process, specifically needs that were people-related and that extended beyond compliance.

The PowerRound Partner together with the CFO agreed on the material to deliver, the meeting times, dates to best accomplish all the goals. All the leaders, managers and office staff underwent the training back to back. The PowerRound Partner together with his Certified Group Coaches surveyed the staff to understand each person’s strengths, weaknesses and personal motivations for learning and development. This helped the Certified PowerRound Group Coach best coach each person between meetings.

The Results

The culture began to improve almost immediately, albeit just the first small step, with improvements individual work ethics, interactions, integrity, leadership, management, emotional intelligence, interaction with Production and overall customer experience. An average of 6.75 specific, measurable improvements were documented by the PowerRound Partner and Certified Group Coaches by person, each week.

As expected, the team has made vast improvements in Ethics, Planning and Team Culture; while going well beyond expectations in other categories, such as Improved Job Performances and Project Management. After the first year of utilizing PowerRound, MCO saw their YTD profits move from $20 million the year before to $89 million in the current year. Their share price increased by 49%. The CFO said that the changes in behaviors and work habits of staff significantly affected the bottom line. He attributed much of the improvement to PowerRound.

Some comments from the leadership

Very well done. Sessions nice and short, concise, not a big impact on the day (time wise). Strong results, nice to work with your team members and share opinions. We have people from different departments, and it is nice to be able to hear other opinions from within the organization. The groups continued to grow beyond the meetings. Positive all-around.

Dan V. | Vice President of Finance

I liked the interactive nature of the session. Everyone was very engaged and we had lengthy discussions around the table after the meetings.

Bruce G. | Corporate Controller

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