Case Study: National Home Security Company

The Challenge

A national home security company (HSC) was looking to increase sales volume, capitalize on group learning, and foster accountability amongst its sales force.

The Solution

A PowerRound® Partner met with the HSC’s sales leaders to determine if there were any other needs he would like to achieve in the process. The PowerRound® Partner together with the sales leaders agreed on the material to deliver, the meeting times, and dates to best accomplish all the goals.

This organization was highly virtual so PowerRound® virtual technology was used to conduct the meetings across the country.

All the sales staff underwent training early Monday morning. The PowerRound® Partner together with his Certified Group Coaches surveyed the staff to understand each person’s strengths, weaknesses and personal motivations for selling.

The survey revealed that the sales staff lacked emotional mastery, goal setting, teamwork and communication skills. It was clear that these problems were directly linked to poor sales volume and lack of accountability.

These insights helped the Certified PowerRound® Group Coach best coach each person between meetings. The groups learned from the material, from each other, and about each other. These three things helped each person increase sales almost immediately, leveraging the talent that the organization already had, and moving people into action to test what they learned.

The Results

The results showed up almost immediately with large increases in sales. As expected, participants improved in the areas of goal setting, increased lead generation and better customer follow up; but also appeared to begin operating with more patience, humility and with better motives.

Some comments from the leadership

Overall, well done! The information/principles that we reviewed in our sessions were beneficial to my Sales Team. Having a third party presentation helped us hit on the hot points, and the team opened up. I was able to see things I had not seen prior with the team.

Mike R. | Area Sales Manager

Fantastic, Unique, loved the involvement with the Sales Team. The interactive component helped bring some issues to the table. The PowerRound® session was very well suited to help us see the issue we were trying to resolve, and to help us improve performance, and see some specific solutions. I am looking forward to continuing the progress that was made.

Rick C. | Area Training Manager

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