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Characteristics of Leaders and Teams in the Hospitality Industry

Course objective: “Develop character and personal attributes in leaders and teams in the hospitality industry.”

Research shows it’s best to hire people with certain qualities and attributes. But what about your existing workforce? What happens if your employees aren’t perfect, and they’re missing important qualities? Is there any hope for them?

Recruiters say, fire them and hire people with the right skills. Of course, that will cost you 30-40% of annual pay.

There is a longstanding myth that it’s not possible to develop essential qualities and character traits in people—the kind that can drive peak performance, improve corporate culture and employee engagement, and reduce safety risks and turnover. You can only hire people who possess these attributes; they can’t learn them.

But now you can develop important qualities and attributes in your existing workforce at a tiny fraction of that cost. Also saving time, disruption and reputation (and dignity) associated with high turnover. You can develop that side of a person.

For instance, you can now develop character traits like commitment to customer service, understanding people and how to communicate through difficult conversations. and being organized and disciplined at multi-tasking. There are hosts of attributes associated with hospitality workers. And it can all be measured.

Here’s how the classic roundtable version works.

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