Compliance, Law, Regulatory Courses

Compliance, Law, Regulatory Courses

Is there another level to compliance? Is it possible for a compliance professional to change ideology and create a culture of ethics and respect while holding people accountable to laws and regulation?

In a recent interview, a compliance officer in a fairly large company said she, “felt that her profession was broken. Whatever she said or did… didn’t seem to matter. People were making bad decisions and she believed there was nothing she could do. It was hurting the company and the culture.” She cared.

When she proposed something good, something she knew would work, she ran across inter-department jealousies because it wasn’t the other leader’s idea. Her voice was not being heard. She knew her recommendations were good ones, the right solutions, but they fell on deaf ears.

Other leaders, some rather unethical, seemed to have more clout for winning political battles. It was confusing. The culture was hurting because of their actions. Communication between leaders, managers, staff and the Board was bad and getting worse.

Karen is a top leader in her profession. She wants to make a difference.

Make a difference.

Politics, uncertainty and ambiguity do not deter leaders from their goal. They are not easily discouraged because they know in their heart, the mission will be accomplished. If the outcome is not satisfactory, they continue to press on.

Believing you can make a difference and acting on that belief often leads to extraordinary results. Countless people have made a difference and achieved exceptional results through courage and persistence. These are the characteristics of great leaders throughout our history and are as impactful today as they were in the past. By opening our minds and hearts to the possibilities we embrace our potential.

The journey can be challenging but in the end, it’s personally and professionally rewarding. Once we agree to accept a challenge, we cannot allow fear and doubt to hold us back. While fear can help us recognize a problem or deliver a warning, it can also waste our time or lead to unproductive emotions. Instead, we should embrace positive thinking and constructive behaviors to resolve any issue that stands in our way while working within the company’s accepted norms.

Calculated risks to drive change

Small steps and calculated risks will improve the health and welfare of the company and its people. When we play it too safe, we run the risk of ending up with little to show for our efforts. Believing in ourselves is the first step towards developing the confidence needed to make a difference. A lack of confidence will become visible in every interaction that we have with others.

We cannot expect everything to go smoothly when we begin. The disappointment in missing a milestone should not be considered failure; rather, failure is the result of not attempting to tackle a difficult goal or not applying oneself to the process.

For years’ compliance surveys have known that creating a culture of ethics and respect is the number one most difficult challenge. What is the most powerful way to build a culture of ethics and respect in an organization? It varies from company to company, but in general investing in people is the long term solution. People are the cause of compliance failures and people are the reason we succeed. Peter Drucker said that in business; “It’s all about the people.”

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