Conduct Risk Coach Training

Conduct risk coach training

Conduct risk coach training is a solution that empowers you to get to the heart of conduct risk.

PowerRound® is a groundbreaking resource in conduct risk training that develops essential qualities and attributes in people. This helps drive peak performance and enhance employee engagement while reducing risk.

PowerRound can serve as a stand-alone conduct risk coach training system, or augment and accelerate your skills-based training and codes of conduct.

In addition, PowerRound takes hard measurements of these qualities and attributes—by person and organizationally.

“Good qualities and attributes build trust and transparency in the workplace.”

Sarah Green, senior director in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s enforcement department, says objective documentation “can be a good friend of yours” and may “paint a better picture of exactly what your role as a compliance officer is.”

The PowerRound process starts with weekly one-hour, small group roundtables, led by certified trainers that we call Group Coaches. These meetings and related follow-up tasks employ various adult learning techniques that cut to the heart of conduct risk. Meetings are held in person, virtually, or a combination of both.

As individuals read, discuss, personalize, and self-assess, they feel the emotion behind the teaching. This inspires participants to take ownership of positive actions and hold themselves accountable to implement their good intentions before the next meeting.

Individuals learn from the material, but also from one another. In this type of peer-learning environment, individuals can assimilate skilled behavior techniques from others who have used them to excel in various areas. Participants also learn about one another, which builds empathy, trust and accountability.

“This is especially helpful in high-stress, high-growth, and other challenging environments where difficult conversations are the norm.”

Among the qualities and attributes that PowerRound develops (as taken from the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority’s “Enhancing Market Integrity” guidelines) are: integrity, effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, resilience, transparency, accountability, responsibility, conflict resolution, resilience, supervision, putting clients’ interests first, mitigating risk, and achieving business objectives.

These foundational, core competencies build character traits and a strong work ethic, which are associated with highly effective individuals. These new skills lead to improved communication, decision-making, engagement, compliance, and management.

Some people believe you can only hire people with these attributes. But now, with PowerRound Resources, you can develop these qualities and competencies in your existing workforce. You can fill the expectancy gaps—and it’s all measurable.

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