Conduct Risk Coach training and certification

Conduct Risk Coach training and certification is a train the trainer program. It’s live, online, interactive training in an afternoon. You’ll learn to develop qualities and attributes in others, within a large group facilitation format. It’s quick, easy, and an efficient way to deliver transformative learning that gets to the heart of corporate governance®, compliance, risk, ethics and integrity.

Conduct risk coaching shifts the mindset of risk training from one and done, check the box, training to true organizational transformation. Help participants see a better way of thinking, acting and interacting.  It’s a well-defined, systemic program that moves the individuals you are teaching into action, to DO and BE risk reducers.

Compelling results

Level 1 conduct risk coach facilitation is an efficient way for Compliance, Risk, Conduct Risk, Ethics and Integrity Officers and Corporate Trainers to impact the lives of those they teach. You’ll shift the mindset from mostly after-the-fact problem identification and communication to being part of the solution. Proactively reduce conduct risk, identify and remediate conduct risk blind spots. Some of the things you can expect to see in the first twelve months, after completing the training are:

  1. Individuals are RETAINING your conduct risk teaching.
  2. Participants are engaged in conduct risk with their HEART, OWNING IT, PERSONALIZING IT.
  3. Employees not only understand WHAT the rules are, they’re DOING THEM. And you can prove it.
  4. Participants are SEEING things about themselves that they didn’t see before (conduct risk blind spots), and they’re improving.
  5. Participants are EXPERIENCING the benefits of transparency, ethics, respect, trust, motives, and integrity in a tangible way. They’re DEVELOPING these qualities by PRACTICING them.
  6. Students are enjoying and appreciating the positive accountability you provide.

What to expect

The conduct risk coach facilitator training objective is to be skilled at facilitating large group meetings with conduct risk content. The content and the unique training methodology gets to the heart of where good and bad decisions are made.

You’ll be able to start training at your company immediately after the training, with at least one PowerRound® site license, that’s included with the training.

  • Augment and accelerate your existing conduct risk training.
  • Increase conduct risk effectiveness in a measurable way, by helping people think and act differently toward conduct risk.
  • Get to the heart of where good and bad decisions are made.
  • Develop qualities and attributes previously thought impossible to develop, like accountability, transparency, and integrity. These also lead to improved performance.
  • Mitigate organizational conduct risk and personal liability with tangible proof of improved conduct. Great audit evidence regulators, for Boards, and courts of law.

Organizational benefits

  1. You will be able to prove ROI on conduct risk with upper management, demonstrating results with KPI/KRI improvements that can be traced back to your training, by individual. (Level 2)
  2. You’re able to quantify what has previously been thought impossible to measure: improvement in intangibles such as integrity, transparency, accountability, and trust. (Level 3)
  3. Metrics are being shown to the Board meetings and at meetings with Regulators. (Level 3)
  4. Your teaching is positively impacting culture, engagement, and performance, while reducing risk and turnover.
  5. Systems are available to track outcomes.

Your training evaluations shift from; “boring, irrelevant, already knew that.” to “engaging, real-life, practical. I saw things I didn’t see before. Great use of time! Thank you!!!”


Bob Benoit, CPA, MBA, CGMA, and FIA Certified Master Business Coach is a researcher of the correlation between compliance and share price growth. His work has been referenced in The Wall Street Journal and congressional and SEC reports and over 250 publications worldwide. He is the author of Integrity Not Optional and The Heart of Business Communication. He is an international COSO/SOX Compliance Expert.

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