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Is your organization’s compliance program generating the results you need? The results you know are possible?

Here are three penetrating questions about corporate governance:

  1. Is your “corporate culture” consistent with the lofty ideals expressed in your mission statement?
  2. Are your managers communicating the right messages, in the right way, to assure compliance and avoid risk?
  3. Are employees—including entry-level workers—engaged at the heart level

So, how do you get to the heart of corporate governance and compliance?

  • Create more internal controls. However, strengthening ethical standards doesn’t insure proper behavior or prevent fraud. Besides, most people know the right thing to do
  • Another method is leadership training and coaching. But that doesn’t address the rest of the workforce
  • This leaves a key question: What would happen if everyone was invested in the organization? In a word: Transformation!

How can you transform an entire organization? My research reveals it takes a combination of five interactive elements:

PowerRound Compliance

  1. Group Coaching: Certified group coaches don’t just train individuals. They coach teams together as they develop character and integrity...one of the most challenging tasks in any organization
  2. Content: Hard-hitting content can help engage, empower and build the confidence of every employee
  3. Peer Learning: Group and individual exercises allow you to leverage the talent you already have to build accountability, trust and collaboration in your teams
  4. At-Work Application: By focusing on one skill at a time, one week at a time, each team member has an opportunity to apply what they have learned at work
  5. Reportable Improvements: Although it is difficult to measure integrity, trust, respect and communication, it is possible. We use a proprietary talent-reporting system that captures hard measurements of improvement in both individuals and teams

Getting employees working towards the same goal can enhance performance and profitability. And, offer the kind of intrinsic rewards that will motivate them beyond their paycheck.

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