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The heart of peak performance (client testimony)

PowerRound® is a groundbreaking training resource that develops essential qualities and attributes in people that drive peak performance, improve culture and employee engagement, and reduce risk and turnover.

What do these words have in common: performance, process, technology, values, behaviors, punishment, dehumanization, profitability, and metrics have in common?

Is there a correlation between turnover, team building, communications, on-time production, waste, and absenteeism? How about commitment, work ethic, sales, listening, productivity, and conflict resolution?

These were many of the words used by a client CEO who recently wrote to thank us for the training we conducted for all departments: Production, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, HR, Accounting, C Suite.

“Our initial evaluation showed poor communication, including employees struggling to understand their roles. That ultimately prompted the client to set goals to boost on-time production, reduce waste, and lower absenteeism.  The goals had to be measurable, and reflect leaders’ desire to increase employees’ commitment to both the company and customers. Says this CEO: “Mission accomplished.”

“Sitting at roundtables with their co-workers and management helped everyone understand how important each role is to meeting our customers’ needs."

Reflecting its improved communications and a stronger work ethic, the company’s sales spiked 50 percent over a three-month period.

“By selecting principles such as listening, productivity, and criticism (giving and receiving), your group coaches went right to the root of the problem,” he said. “Sitting at roundtables with their co-workers and management helped everyone understand how important each role is to meeting our customers’ needs. As a result, my employees were prepared when our manufacturing capacity came under stress.”

“The turnaround saw significant improvements in every area, except its on-time rate, due to some capacity constraints. Even that turned into a positive, thanks to sales reps stepping up their communication with customers and working with production in order to get that department to adjust its priorities. This avoided any long lead times or late deliveries causing serious harm.”

“Customers appreciated the frank communication—and a supplier’s obvious concern for their production schedules. Productivity has improved because of faster conflict resolution.”

“Because they are required to listen to co-workers and share thoughts with them, new employees are quickly integrated into the corporate culture. This makes them receptive to their managers’ directives and gives these newcomers the confidence to share their ideas with management.”

“Organizational change happened very quickly,” he said. “Everyone who reads the maxims finds a way to implement them. We saw results after just four weeks. The time commitment appears difficult when you first look at the program, but productivity gains and improved morale helped me quickly see the value.”

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