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Have you ever asked someone how their latest training seminar went? And they say, “Oh, it was incredible and very motivational, with really good content.” Yet a couple days later, when you ask them exactly what they learned, they can’t remember?

PowerRound increases training retention by up to 95 percent by using more than a dozen transformative training/coaching techniques each week.

The principles we teach are applied in a group coaching atmosphere. Participants read and hear compelling, research-filled content, which helps them to evaluate where they are at this time. Add examples that offer a vivid picture of their personal potential and you get a content package that gets to the heart of the matter.

Teachings are personalized by each participant and discussed in a peer learning environment, where participants are both learning from and teaching others.

This combination of intellectual and emotional impact in meetings is followed by supportive coaching and accountability between meetings, which inspires people to follow through with tangible actions. Actions that benefit the organization and the individual.

At the next gathering, participants celebrate successes before reviewing a new teaching. Not bad for a one-hour meeting!

In addition, these steps are documented with tools that can measure progress in each intangible (also known as “soft skills.”) Yes, even qualities and attributes like integrity, respect and accountability.

Plus, each participant records their progress in a review-and-reflection session that allows them an opportunity to express the deep impact that each teaching had on their life.

This is transformative learning at its best—the kind that leads to high retention and makes it both lasting and memorable.

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