Why PowerRound® Courses are different

The PowerRound® Advantage

PowerRound’s outstanding courses are condensed to produce an efficient and effective use of time. Each two-page teaching distils information from 20-30 books and research reports, and the real-life experiences of its successful authors (entrepreneurs, academicians, and Fortune 100 executives).

This powerful material is loaded with inspirational, practical truths and corroborative research that connects the head, heart, hands and mouth. As a result, people accomplish what they need to accomplish, only better and more quickly.

Every teaching addresses three Essential Qualities and Attributes: 1) leadership/following skills, 2) collaborative team interactions, and 3) personal characteristics and foundational competencies. The content pictures ways of gaining clarity, setting priorities, and implementing new ideas. And, lists dozens of practical steps participants can implement between meetings.

In addition, each lesson develops a focused foundational truth. The organization decides which of these competencies it wants to develop, based on a PowerRound Culture Assessment or their own surveys.

There are a wide range of teachings that inspire better behavior, habits, attitudes, and motives. In other words, the things on the inside (the heart and mind) that form the way we think, act, and interact.

These teachings empower people to see things they didn’t see before, and with some accountability, it equips individuals to become more complete, and in every aspect of life.

The lessons go deep and are internalized, so its impact is thorough and tends to be more permanent.

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