Metrics and Talent Analytics Measure Excellence

Metrics Talent Analytics

PowerRound also features metrics and talent analytics that provide objective reporting of applied performance improvements.

Metrics talent analytics

Metrics and Talent Analytics

Individuals gain one unit of increase by accomplishing all of the following: a) attending the training, b) learning the skill, c) personalizing it, d) discussing its application, e) committing to act, and then f) acting on it by using it in the workplace.

Remarkably, PowerRound sees an average of about 4.6 units of increase in each person, each session.

Metrics objectively measure increase in qualitative competencies, based on each person’s reviewed actions. Some examples are trust, respect, integrity, communication, management, teamwork, temperament, and diligence.

The organization decides which competencies it wants to measure.

Developing the total person is one of the most difficult things to do, let alone measure. These are not personality profiles or outside evaluations, but measures of improved character traits that individuals have practiced and applied at work.

Analysts quantify increases in certain desired attributes, based on the actions each person takes.

Such results can also be audited.


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