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Organizational design and collaborative roundtables

Organizational Design

As companies adapt to changing business demands and customer-centered focus, business leaders are changing the way business is done through organizational design. In a recent survey by Bersin by Deloitte, more than nine out of ten executives surveyed (92 percent) rated organizational design as their #1 priority.

“Organizations are shifting their structures from traditional, functional models toward interconnected, flexible teams.”

Business leaders are continuously being challenged to gain competitive advantage through collaborative team building. Forty percent 40% were reported to be in the middle of such a team-focused reorganization.

These teams focus on important business projects and challenges that are “aligned and coordinated with operations and information centers similar to command centers in the military… with people coming together to tackle projects, then disbanding and moving on to new assignments once the project is complete.”

Sounds exciting but it’s filled with grief. Executives believe that only

  • 14% are ready to effectively redesign their organizations
  • 21% feel qualified to build expert, cross-functional teams
  • 12% percent understand how people work together

The question I have is how do we become intentional about getting executives and teams ready (14%)?

And once the team is selected, are there any qualities attributes that we can develop in these people to help them reach their potential as quickly as possible?

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