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PowerRound Turns Integrity into Profitability
Interview with Bob Benoit from the book “Integrity Not Optional”

When a workforce embraces integrity, quality, and trust, it enhances a company’s longevity and legacy.

The true test of integrity is consistency in thoughts, words, and actions.

A company of people with integrity consistently exhibits higher standards of excellence in execution, accountability, and values.

These standards lead to greater long-term profitability.

When a sense of significance and longevity emerges, it generates increased levels of confidence among a company’s customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

Additionally, stakeholders and lenders become more willing to invest their resources to help the organization grow.

So integrity consistently leads to higher profitability and greater sustainability.

Can you give me an example?

Sure, see this LinkedIn SlideShare of a real life example from one of our clients in the Midwest, whose profits skyrocketed. And they just sold their company for half a billion dollars...

PowerRound Monetizes Integrity

What we see are record highest profits in the history of the company. Low turnover, huge spikes in sales. Customers notice. A culture of respect, trust and communication forms. Efficiency, improved cash flow. And it’s all from building character and integrity…

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