Challenging times require
innovative training solutions

72% of managers lack skills

Declining culture, trust, reputation

71% of employees are apathetic/disengaged

High turnover, costly lawsuits, hotline overloads

Compliance failures cost companies millions of dollars

What can you do to change these statistics?

PowerRound® innovative training solutions partner with you whether you’re an organizational leader (train the trainer); another training company; or a compliance, ethics, risk, coaching, leadership and talent development, sales, IT or HR consulting firm (resellers) you can become part of a movement to shift the training mindset from one and done training, to true organizational change.

Compliance Coach Training and Certification—Without a huge investment of time, become a  Certified Compliance Group Facilitator and/or Coach. You’ll be able to start training right after you graduate.

Schedule a free consult to see which certification is right for you.

More Coach Training and Certifications—Again, without a huge investment of time, you can gain coach certification in your respective profession, such as:

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PowerRound® partners with organizational leaders (train the trainer) to deliver transformative results. We also partner with other training companies; associations; and consulting firms.
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